OA-93 Point Blank For Counter-Strike (With Dual Anims)

Hello guys, Long time no see :)... How are you? I Hope you're in a good condition.. Sorry I never post again because I'm too busy.. And now, I had passed the final exam, so I can work again.. Okay, today I'll share OA-93 Point Blank for your Counter-Strike... And, please you make your own script for this weapon. I didn't make the script for it.. For anyone know about the script, please comment below this post

And I also sorry for comment.. I can't reply it.. Its on my old Post... If you still confuse about the password just ask me @Facebook and I'll try for reply it... Because all my old skins was gone :3 .. Just give me a password clue and I'll answer it..

Okay just let's check it out...


In-Game Test (Single Mode)
Single Mode

In-Game Test (Dual Mode)
Dual Mode

Okay, you've seen that... And now let's check the credits

- Zepetto: Original OA-93 Models
- Skript47: Convert OA-93
- KeenHide: Convert OA-93, Edit UVM, UVM Missalignment, Re-UV Model, Remodel, Convert Sounds
- Nexon: Original Hands
- Ubay722 / UDF: All Dual Anims, Origin, Bones
- IlhaMPrO: All Single Anims, Change Models, Fix Attachments

Any Missing Credits? Please Tell me via Facebook for fast Response And I'll fix it ASAP

Please Respect the owner by :
- Don't Leech this
- If you wanna edit this, please put the credits completely

- Don't re-upload this, why you re-upload this if its similar with this.. I mean nothing different

Download it Here

If you find some error or something just tell me via Facebook

You wanna ask something private or want to know more about me? Ask me @ my Ask.fm


Question & Ask

Q: I can't download it, can you upload it in another link?
A: Just tell me from my Facebook, and I'll make a mirror for you
Q: How I can find the password?
A: Just Find it inside the rar and Please read the credits and You'll be find it..
Q: ..............................
A: ..............................

Any Question? Comment below, and I'll put it into Ask & Question Section

Okay I think it's enough.. Thanks for Download, Don't forget to follow My blog and Also my partner too, you can find it here... If there are many followers it can make me make a better and better again.. Thanks

Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015
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About The Password Of My Weapon

Okay Guys.. I'm So Sorry If I Cant Reply Your Comment In My Blog.. I Have Some Reason Why I Can't Reply It...

1. I'm Too Busy About My School, It's Why Make I'm Cant Reply Your Comment
2. My Enthernet [ Smartfren ] Is Too Slow.. It's Make Me Hard To Open my Blog.. I Didnt Know Why My Enthernet Is Slowly Like a Snail

Now I'll Make This Post To Know What Is Your Asking About... You Can Ask Me About The Password Here And I'll Answer It As I Can...

For  The Format For This Comment

- Weapon : The Name Of The Weapon
- Clue I Given Inside the Rar / In The Blog


- Barrett M82A1 V2 BETA
- Tulisan ini.....

So I'll Given you For The Password... In The Reply Or I'll Update It Here...
I'll Make A List For The Password of My Weapon...

Barrett M82A1 V2 BETA : "anini" or "ANINI" ..... Try It.. I Dont Know Why That Weapon is too Popular,, Wherever There is a new weapon more good than it ..Click Here To Download The Newest And Good one of Barrett M82A1

I'll Wait For You Response... Thanks ^_^
Senin, 06 Mei 2013
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Cheytac M200 InterVention [ IlhaMPrO ]

Hello Guys.. Long Time No See You.. Sorry,, This Is Happen Because I'm Too Busy With My Life... Okay ... Now I'll Share Cheytac M200 Intervention... What Is Cheytac ?? Lets See The Description First...

The CheyTac Intervention is an American bolt action sniper rifle manufactured by CheyTac LLC for long range shooting. It is fed by a detachable single stack magazine, which holds 7 rounds. It fires .408 Chey Tac or .375 Chey Tac ammunition. CheyTac papers state that the entire system is capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 2,500 yards (2,300 m), one of the longest ranges of all modern-day sniper rifles. It is based on the EDM Arms Windrunner.

Nah... Now.. Lets See The Credits For This Weapon

Credits :
Muhammad Najib : Rip Ref
-Tony- : Rip Texture
DavidJr : Rig Hands

Zepetto : ORIGINAL Models
Skript47 : Convert From PB
IlhaMPrO : Animation, Convert Weapon, Set Sound Weapon, Attachment, Origin

And Now Lets See The ScreenShot :

Sorry I Didnt Have In Game ScreenShot

You Can Download It Here

Appreciate My Work With Follow My Blog..
Jumat, 03 Mei 2013
Posted by --IlhaMPrO--

AK Sopmod Point Blank For Counter-Strike [ CSO Hands ]

Hello Guys... I'm IlhaMPrO Back Again With New Weapon ... It's AK Sopmod ... But I Make This Skin Not By Myself, I Was Helped By Seander Alfonsus... And Now Lets Check The ScreenShot

Lets See The Credits

- Zepetto : Original Sopmod Models, Sopmod Sounds
- Skript47 : Convert From PB To GTA
- Ballistic : Bones
- CSO : Bones, Original Hands
- Seander : Shoot Anims, 1sT Draw Anims, Screenshots, Tester, Fix Animation Speed
- IlhaMPrO : Idle Anims, Reload Anims, 2nD Draw Anims, Fix Animation Speed, Set Sound And Attachment, Fix Miss UV Maps
- Sound Adopted From CSPB Non NST V1.2.3
- ......... : Convert From GTA To CS
- DavidJr : Texture Sopmod Dragon

If You Are The Person Who "Convert From GTA To CS" ... Please Send Us A Message To
Seander : http://www.facebook.com/seander.alfonsus
Ilham : http://www.facebook.com/IlhaMPrO1sT
We Will Fix It As Soon As Possible

Don't Forget To Follow This Blog..Because If The Followers Is Increasing, I'll Update Again....

If You Want To Download This Skin.. Click Here...

Follow Okay :D
Minggu, 27 Januari 2013
Posted by --IlhaMPrO--

[ Tutorial Update ] How To Convert GTA Weapon To Counter-Strike Weapon

Hello Guys... Back With Me ... IlhaMPrO... Now I'll Share Something Special, Its Tutorial How To Convert GTA Weapon To Counter-Strike Weapon ... Inside This Rar Is Contains VCRedist ... Its For You Can Open The ZModeller  .... Actually ,, This Tutorial I've Shared at CSDesign Forum about 1 Year Ago :D ... So Now I'll Share It Here :D ,,,, Before It,, Please Follow This Blog ..

You Can Download The File [ Find The Link From One Of This Comma ]


For The Password ...

Password : Skript47

All Of This Tutorial Is Made By Me [ IlhaMPrO ] So If You Want Share This To Your Blog, Please Give A  Credits To Make Sure The Author Of The Tutorial Is Me .....

Don't Forget To Follow This Blog :D
Kamis, 24 Januari 2013
Posted by --IlhaMPrO--

[ Amazing Update #1 ] Barrett M82A1 Point Blank For Counter-Strike [Password Removed]

Hello Guys,,, Long Time No See You .... Now I'll Share a Special Weapons .. It's Barrett M82A1 ,, You Know It ? Let's Find Know What Is Barrett M82A1

The M82 is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. A heavy SASR (Special Application Scoped Rifle), it is used by many units and armies around the world. It is also called the "Light Fifty" for its .50 BMG (12.799mm NATO) chambering. The weapon is found in two variants, the original M82A1 (and A3) and the bullpup M82A2. The M82A2 is no longer manufactured, though the XM500 can be seen as its successor.

Now Let's See The Screenshot

Female Idle Position

Male Idle Position

Now Let's See The Credits :

Muhammad Najib : Rip Ref
-Tony- : Rip Texture
DavidJr : Rig Hands

Skript47 : Convert Barrett M82A1 PB Models To RE4 Models
IlhaMPrO : Convert Barrett M82A1 RE4 Models To Counter-Strike Models, All Animation, Attachment, Origin, Bone

Please Appreciate My Weapons By Follow My Blog ... Your Follow Is Very Useful For Me

You Can Download It Here

Terima Kasih atas partisipasinya untuk memfollow blog ane ...

If You Wanna Edit This Skin, Get Permission From Me First ... Or I'll Never Update Again
Selasa, 15 Januari 2013
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[ Update ] G36C Point Blank For Counter-Strike

Hello Guys ... Sorry I Never Update Again Because My Computer Was Broken.. And Now, I'll Back to Modding World. .. And Now I'll Share G36C Point Blank For Your Counter-Strike ... Just Relax , This Weapon Didn't Use The Difficult Password ...  Sorry If The Animation Isn't Same Like Point Blank Animation, Because I Make This Animation With Myself, Not By Point Blank Animation

But First Let See What Is the G36C

The Heckler & Koch G36 is a 5.56×45mm assault rifle, designed in the early 1990s by Heckler & Koch (H&K) in Germany as a replacement for the 7.62mm G3 battle rifle. It was accepted into service with the Bundeswehr in 1997, replacing the G3. The G36 is gas-operated and feeds from a 30-round detachable box magazine or 100-round C-Mag drum magazine.[ Adopted From Wikipedia ]

And Now Let's See The ScreenShot Of This Weapons

Credits :
KeenHide       : Compile,Sound Porting,Sound Bitrate Fix,Texture editing,edit pollycount models   
Skript47                   : Port Models and texture,Edit Texture
Zeppeto                    : Creator Models,Sound and texture
Valve / Nexon CSO : Hands Models
IlhaMPrO                : All Animation, Attachment, P And W Models

Missing Credits ? PM Me ...

Remember This .. Don't Leech My Skin .. Or I'll Never Update again ...

For The Download Link .. You Can Download It Here

You Can See Coming Soon Weapons I'll Update Soon at Here
Fon't Forget To Follow My Blog To Get More New Weapons :D
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